The Nordic Flanges Group’s Growth Team

The Nordic Flanges Group's Growth Team have started their important work and their ideas are growing....   Nordic Quality to the WORLD! Innovation - All the Way - Together! #nordic#flanges

Nordic Flanges Group GROWTH TEAM

Yesterday we created a brand new internal team at Nordic Flanges Group: our GROWTH TEAM! The daily mission for our Groups managers is to create and solve new ways of making our business more successful. My idea with this growth team is to take this one step further and to enhance the knowledge and skills [...]


The entire Nordic Flanges Sales Team are united at NFAB in Örnsköldsvik today. A full day training and focus on always putting our CUSTOMERS as TOP OF OUR MINDS. Our message: “WE SECURE FLOW FOR THE BENEFIT OF DAILY LIFE OF PEOPLE” How do we do that: by NORDIC QUALITY:- INNOVATION – ALL THE WAY [...]

Nordic Flanges Releases the ProQ™ Pressure-Approved Aluminium Flange

Nordic Flanges are releasing a new product: the ProQ™, a pressure-approved Type02  aluminium flange. The ProQ™ i manufactured at our Kronoby production plan in Finland, where it was developed. For more information, please contact us at +358 6 82 38 750

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